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Dominus Arts Venue. KL, Malaysia

A commercial showboat for the Public "Arts" Malaysia. A Home for all performing art forms.   This space is currently the 1st Grand Hall with innovative technology as a "all under one roof concept"

  • Oversized Fixed LED Wall 

  • LED Acoustic Doors

  • 15 Metre Chroma Key

  • Theatre Tabs and Wings

  • Stage and Film Rigging

  • 0.6 degree Gradient Dance Floor

  • 60% Registered Sprung Dance Floor

  • Numerology Seating

  • Perfect Sightlines - Tested. 

  • 573 Seats: 3rd Largest Venue, KL

  • 0.7 Registered Acoustics

  • 80 fixed Sound Recording Lines

  • Youth Friendly Front Line (Lights)

  • Disability Custom Seating

  • E-Coil & Audio Tannoy Faculty. 

  • Recording, Editing and Post Production Control Room

  • Light to FOH Light sequenced stage Experience

Grand Hall: Projects
Arts Consultant: Project. Dominus Arts Venue. Grand Hall.
Grand Hall: Video Player
Grand Hall: Pro Gallery
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