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Construction ' Specialists' Database Guideline

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

This blog accompanies the database blog, for suppliers/contractors’ companies to register.

If you are a regulated, qualified and certified professional please complete the service directory google form or request a pdf/word form, as seen on the previous blog and/or from the link below.

Construction Service supplier Database Pdf
Download PDF • 366KB

We are looking for…


  • Country & State/County registered ‘Architect’**

  • Acoustic Specialists

  • Country & State/County Structural Engineers

  • Rigging

o Sound production

o Stage Light

o Film/TV

  • Dance Floor Specialists

  • Theatre Curtains/Drapes Specialists

  • LED Walls/Projection/Cinematic Technology

  • Dance/Arts Mirror specialists.

  • Specialist Other Areas…***

We are opening the doors, and if you require further guidance please contact us.

** Architectural:

If you/your company has expertise in Arts Venue/Spaces and/or Educational builds. This is an advantage, however not an exclusive requirement. If you are designers for property and commercial builds/malls through to floating spaces, we do consider you as an ‘alternative field’ specialist.

We will contact you, to request for further portfolio and registration details. Please note that the concept sketch and cross-sectional design is constructed through our construction services, in-house, however for country-to-country chomp of accuracy, a local national is required.

*** Rigging Specialists:

We require companies and specialists who are experienced in arts rigging, rather than products of technical and mechanical production. Product equipment supplier requests in Sound, Light, Video/Digital items, we outsource ‘bid’ separately, as the ‘handover’ of a products life expectancy is faster, and our expertise looks usually at a differing need.

We do not promote a particular brand and/or make and model and are not sponsored, therefore we are investing in the limited company or individual of expertise.

**** Other Specialist Areas:

Please contact us directly, as this may vary from barriers/signage/ washrooms through to musical stands/oversized instruments/bars/ costume and props and art gallery materials.

Educational and Faculty Suppliers

The previous blog outlines our specialism in arts education and outreach/disability facilities. If the following are your expertise, wonderful, please complete the database. We are exceptionally aware and have explained there are additional expectations and needs, when catering for a bespoke audience/client.

  • Washrooms:

o Plumbing

o Toilets, Basins,

o SEN Access (Disability)

Youth ‘Art’s’ Classroom

o Furniture

o Floor coverings

o Acoustics

o Teacher Technical requirements / safeguarding

  • Electrical:

o School and child safety

o Disability provision

  • Carpenter:

o Dressing rooms benches,

o Green-room tables/Kitchen Tops/

o Costume workstations / Box Office Design

If you are a bespoke supplier/ contractor for SEN (Special Educational Needs) please contact us directly.

Working conditions.

All subcontractors through us, are pre-checked to have all the appropriate work permits, work under international regulations and standards in safety and health checks. We take all who work with us, as part of the ‘family’ and ensure equality.

Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, is an active member to the leading Arts Unions, Federations, societies of balance and equality in the workplace.

Showcasing the awarded contractors

If you are successful, through outsourcing to join us on a construction project. We showcase you and your companies work publicly in the following methods.

  • Logos’ and names attached to our project images digitally & on the build

  • Quoted references 2D-3D layouts

  • Progress images/videos/text on all our social media

  • Company reviews, references and progress project accounts

  • Portfolio recognised of service on our website / e-brochures

  • Media showcase: Videos-Interviews and time-lapse as dual advertising

  • Entry into build/ product and concept awards

  • Other ** depending upon the client ask.


The database form requests your current hour rate / promotional package and if you are accustomed to education and public sector builds, the % margin for discussion. This is for the directory only, and this is private and confidential, and nothing is sent onto a 3rd party.

Please be aware, we do request, upon a client request of proposal of your service, an updated ‘per project bid’, as every build is different, which consists of a quotation breakdown, direct to your service agreement charges. This is traditionally in negotiation, and usually the client through us has a fixed budget.

Payment is by transfer, and with the current climate of return to work, conducted in % stages to ensure no one is out of pocket.

We do not offer a commission, or sponsor rate, and present to you the raw budget expectation. Per project, we explain to all database contractors the scope required and the cost, there is no mark up.

If unsure on setting your ‘price’, please use the industry union and federation advice as a guideline, these are online, and move in-line with your country of residence working standards. Please note, we do check, and if a price is clearly fabricated above the national standards, additional requests of service/reasoning maybe sought. Or your expression of interest may-be dropped from the project.

We offer our clients ‘quality’ for value of money, and this is measured in service, rather than ‘cheap’ or ‘cut price’. Naturally clients, like to see a ‘unique’ discount/ however we much prefer the sub-contractors provide an honest/holistic breakdown.

Traveling & Covid

Please be aware, Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, is a 1st cohort covid champion, and all the workforce, per project are expected to follow the country regulations in ensuring No risk and full appliance to the health and safety working conditions.

Our safety standards are in compliance to the UK/ European International standards commission. Our work in Malaysia, has been critically noted for the 1st Arts venue with 5 International Standards, and was awarded a ‘full’ BOMBA safety report of ‘excellence’.

Contracted travelling for your workforce is subject to the Covid boarder restrictions, and, at the current time we are concentrating on providing outsource suppliers locally.

Google Form and E-brochure:

Please find below, the suppliers ‘google form’ and the construction services E-brochure.

Construction Service supplier Database Pdf
Download PDF • 366KB

Construction Services Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd_
Download PDF • 2.47MB


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