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See it Safely: UK Venue, Touring Companies and Producers

We have received many request regarding ‘are UK venues safe? Is the UK Covid Safe?, are you open yet for ‘fly ins’ and ‘touring work’?.

We are confident in our answer: Yes!

While Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, and each sister company are new on the scene, behind the scenes, throughout the pandemic we have been preparing and learning the progress from two sides of the world, that from today has put us in an exceptionally strong position to share and fully understand the micro-requirements/ accountability.

We are lived and worked experience, of two exceptionally different approaches of Covid, from starting out in South East Asia as part of the national lockdown’s phase 1: Jan to July 2000, then transferred into the UK National Lockdowns from July 2020 to today June 2021. A very accustomed hermit mole!.

How did we become 1st Cohort Covid Champions?

Our founder: Kirstin Oliver, instead of sitting back to wait, went into study mode and stepped up, is/was involved as part of the cross-industry research to become one of the first Cohorts of Producers and Arts Consultants to be a UK Certified Covid Champion.

Kirstin has recently returned from South East Asia, and was already behind the scenes, writing and monitoring Covid policy for venues in Malaysia since February 2020. This included a pilot in digital hy-bred ‘dual’ approach programming in Kuala Lumpur, demonstrating new access in entertainment and participatory events.

She was investigating through CNC, WHO, and each Manufacturer leader, the appropriate cleaning products to use for arts spaces, that suit in-house mixed material acoustics, delicate technical equipment, soft dance floors, rigging and exceptionally expensive fixed equipment. In returning to the UK, she has then continue in sharing her expertise as a Covid Champion, to ensure a safe return to the arts.

Why are the ‘See it safely’ Icon and Standards important?

We are able to ensure accurate, industry arts specific personal safety, by sharing with you the fellow venues, spaces and outsourced suppliers who are in the same ‘bubble’.

All who are certificated under ‘See it Safely’ view Covid exceptionally seriously, and we all go to extraordinary lengths to ensure everyone has equal provision and safety monitoring appropriate to the Audience, Artists and Crew. We sing from the same song sheet, (with a face-mask covering our nose and mouth and in our own social bubble) to provide a range of accountable documentation, we are ‘on the pulse’ of new methodologies for a successful and safe tour.

The See it Safely icon is specific to the arts sector, open to all venue’s, touring companies and producers of the UK regarding prior assessment and training. We are briefed, as fellow’s are conducting trial testing on mass participation festivals, concerts, theatre productions, to ensure we are all considering all eventualities in advance.

Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, and each company within the ‘artistic rainbow’, all follow the same regulations, as the UK Associations and Federations of the Hotel, Tourism, Culture, Travel and Arts sector.

What makes us a ‘See it Safely’ Covid Champion?

We submit regularly, the following in depth account of our safety procedures. These are vetted, and our portfolio documentation is a micro measured for pre-during and post show accuracy, per event.

We do this for all our events under Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd, Everyone’s A…Ltd, and work with you and your tour to the UK, to provide an ‘inline working portfolio’ that you are able to accompany with your company profile invitations to events in the UK. The supportive evidence provided with/and from us, in turn supports our and your applications to successful event chomps/stamps from the local Council, Country entry and exit and cross borough police regulation safeguards.

  • A Traffic light risk assessments

  • Social distance ‘flexible’ Layout Options

  • Regular moisture & spit reading data.

  • Marketing Audience confidence to ‘return’

  • FOH Venue cleaning resumes before, during (if multiple spaces) and after.

  • Touring Staff, Artist, Crew UK expectations Training with monitoring procedures.

  • See it safely venues and spaces news

  • See it safely Ticket insurance through Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd

  • Floating ticket Service, and FOH venues under the See it Safely initiative.

  • UK Government, UK theatre, ITC, BETC, ISM Travel and quarantine news

Can you apply independently, in touring to venues in the UK?

At present it is tricky. UK organisers are re-establishing dates of past events in venues and spaces, deferred from early 2020 and after each localised lockdown/national lockdown extended dates. Therefore the window of ‘opportunities’ to new acts, is more possible from 2022+, with alternative localised line-ups. There are added uncertain complications in boarder restrictions and Brexit requests, therefore please contact us to discuss your particular situation in more depth.

If you were/are a confirmed ‘fly in’ on either private events and/or commercial UK Tours, contact us, to cross check the current status as the rules are ever-changing. Particularly whether weddings, celebrations, festivals, indoor arena’s and theatres, through to schools participatory exchanges and more..

Please be aware, if you are 3rd party touring artists and companies, looking at us to venue search and conduct invitations, we only offer venues that are approved, like ourselves under the ‘See it Safely’ Umbrella. Further blogs to explain are coming soon…

What will you notice?

You will spot the ‘See it Safely’ icon, hashtags, infographics, digital video displays in high visibility areas at each venue you attend. This icon are for the UK only. We are investigating for Europe and Asia, per country, the arts equivalent.


This is one of a number of marketing videos that you and your audience will receive, complementary and noted thanks to the ‘See it Safely team’ in designing.

Key areas you and your audiences will notice include:

· Email registration survey in regarding to emergency contacting, wearing ‘facemasks’, covid risk, Track and Trace and vaccine:

  • Seating and ‘invited’ bubble options

  • Usher and FOH champions

  • QR and ‘limited touch’ fast track entry

  • Action on stage has adapted ‘seamless’ safety for the insurance of everyone.

  • Staggered entry and exit

  • Set, scores and props ‘product’ steamed.

  • Social distance incorporated into the storyline.

  • Vocal direction range of projection

Tickets purchased in venues we are offering a range of ‘backup’ options.

  • Time span to redeem/ or attend alternative ‘like for like’

  • Live steam ‘free transfer’

  • Radio/Podcast ‘Free transfer’

  • Noble** donate your ticket to another.

Coming soon…

There are more blogs to come that explain each of the above See it Safely expectations. Check out the blog regarding the UK ticket debate’

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