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Social 'News'

We are social media friendly .. if you would like to keep up to date with our journey in the world of arts construction and artistic interior design, like/follow/subscribe and share.


We have introduced a ‘group’ within our Facebook page. This is an opportunity to open and share the world of arts construction and interior design, from a ‘behind the scenes approach’.

We are a private contractor/project leader and therefore we are able to provide a wider cross section of knowledge and shared understanding from differing sectors, to you.

This is a public group and aimed at a community audience who have an interest, though may not have qualified experience in builds/construction for the arts, education and outreach.


There are posts of announcements for contract suppliers and ‘features’ of the month we are intending to share across our media channels. In particular through LinkedIn and our database reach. If you wish to be included in the mailing list, please contact.

Instagram & Twitter & You-Tube

See our work in image and video. Everyone states ‘pictures says a 1000 words’, that is very true of us. We have many media images to share, all that tell a story, a development of an idea and a journey from concept to reality. We do feature all suppliers and contractors who have, and/or are currently involved in projects with us.

Blog Subscription

We are putting up blogs and e-blasts of our news and creative ideas regularly, and you are welcome to subscribe. This is private, and we do not forward it to 3rd parties.

Like, Follow, Share, Subscribe:

Please find below the links to the pages, and groups..

Facebook page: @Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd

Facebook group: @ArtisticConstructionNews

Twitter: @ArtsKirstin

Instagram: @Kirstino_artsconsultancy

Youtube: @kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd

LinkedIn: kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd

E-news: ** reference: construction

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