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'UK & Asia' Tours...and we are off!

Are you investigating the UK and Individual countries across Asia for your acts forthcoming tour, and/or invited ‘fly in’.

If this is a brand new adventure of wonder, we are independent and are able to provide you that unique lived in experience, tailored to you, your artists and crew.

Arriving at…..

It is exceptionally exciting to say to fans ‘see you in Vietnam, China, Scotland, London, Malaysia’. Behind the scenes this can be a daunting experience, whether the production logistics, legal regulations of each country, art form and work force legislative rules, blacklists though to visa’s, permits, ID and Travel goods tax.

The Artistic Service of Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, works alongside you as a ‘3rd party’ and is able to support, tailored to your request. It may only be one particular task, for instance locating safe receiving venues to your budget constraints, local tour and translators, inclusive SEND needs, and/or Transportation documentation permits for Animals, Props, rigging, or a multitude of cross sector documentation.

Oeuvre and artistic service partnership programming

Oeuvre A Participatory Service, we specialise in participatory events, of all art forms and differing demographic audiences. We work in partnership with you, through our Oeuvre series and carefully crafted show runs, that run ‘hand in hand’ to your commercial and/or youth tour.

These events embrace both digital and Live attendance events and through our multiple marketing and access platforms, ensures from venue searching, Organiser Invites through to Grant/Crowd Funding, Covid Champion regulations and country by country, or city to borough ground staffing, we are 'air miles' ahead and inline to joint audience and revenue targets.

Please see the Oeuvre blogs, for further information, and contact us for more information.

Countries, States, Towns, Villages, Hamlets

Fear not, if you do not know the names of places in a country, or the cultural heritage of where you wish to go/see and do. Our team conducts a free search, to the ‘area/state’ you do know, we work from your pre-provided information.

You receive in return a list of data and a visual mood-board, of the number of spaces and venues available. All are the same as us, and viewed in the UK as Covid safe under the ‘See it Safely’ and ‘Good to Go’ to your request. We accompany this with a series of tour information about the cities, and places of interest of the area, including Facebook and Youtube ‘E-blast’s, for you, your funders, and artists.

To receive where and when...

We are exceptionally aware of rouge businesses who attempt to use our venue and workforce ‘pencilled’ research, for themselves, without contracted payment and acknowledgement.

In a time of return to work for venues and spaces around the world, many of us producers, event’s organisers and agents, are bound in initiatives per country, of working and safely to work acts, and Covid ‘bubbles’.

Upon agreed contract, and/or opt-out ‘release’ we then inform you and each venue concerned to ‘lock you into the space/date or transfer upon payment the rights and insurance to yourselves. When an opt out, please be aware, all service are between you and the venue, we remove ourselves from all paperwork/events permit documentation. The venue, hotel, transportation hire fee’s might increase, as we are 1st Cohort Covid Champions for the UK, and some Asian Embassies may refuse your event, as not ‘attached’ to a in-house/ regulated agent.

If you are contracted through us, we provide full information and regular updates. This is a small sample of the tailored services we conduct, with you, per artist, crew, and creature.

  • Venue contracts and contacts

  • Agreements upon Technical and Artistic Riders

  • Deposit payments schemes

  • Event Council/State/Country ‘chomps’ in applications and supporting evidence

  • Oeuvre and Arts Consultancy Ltd Covid Risk documentation

  • Work permits, ID’s, Visa applications

  • Safe guarding and Security applications / Evidence

  • Outsourcing searches for suppliers, ground-workforce though to travel and hotel services, or more…

Behind the Covid UK scenes..

Please be aware of our Covid documentation, the audience engagement and Covid monitoring data is self-created and only available to Artists, Agents and Touring Companies who are

contracted with us. This is under the research we are supporting our ‘See it Safely’ and Council by Council’ requirements.

These are not transferable. We, in the departments of Artistic Services for tours, and Oeuvre A Participatory Services Ltd in our produced series, work closely with each venue and events managers to guarantee in insurance and working conditions and public safety, all for further research.

Further information and downloadable forms.

Website address:

Venue Search: UK 'new' initial enquiry

Venue Search Inquiry. UK
Download PDF • 544KB

E-Brochure: Artistic Services

. Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltddf

Letter of introduction: UK Touring

Letter- Touring Consultation Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd
Download • 1.41MB

3 Company inquiry List of Services for all 3 companies, and 4 department

Company Enquiry Form: 3 Companies Kirstin Oliver
Download PDF • 656KB

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