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Dominus Arts Suites Inside Dominus Arts Venue.

A community public space, designed as a black box studio. 

The specification is as an open canvas, an improvised and inclusive friendly space, whether Arts Education, Outreach NGO, Seniors or start up workshops in the Arts.  Designed to serve the local community of West Kuala Lumpur. 

Specifications below are bespoke to the black box. 

  • 150-200 capacity open space. 

  • UV Black Cinema projection walls. 

  • Fixed projectors and wall to wall speakers

  • Blackout horseshoe Theatre curtains

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Portable Wing Stage Light Racks

  • Portable Ballet Bars and Blocks

  • Bespoke removable staging. 

  • Walk though Reception/waiting Area

  • Art lines per wall. 

  • Acoustic ceiling. 

Black Box: Projects
Arts Consultancy: Past project  Black Box
Black Box: Video Player
Black Box: Pro Gallery
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