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Dominus Arts Venue. KL, Malaysia

Bespoke practice suites designed to home Steinway Concert Pianos in recording, performing and private professional practice for International pianists and touring companies. 

The specifications below are particular to the makers, as a showboat in Malaysia

  • 0.4 Acoustic rated spaces

  • Attached to Grand Hall & Recital Studio 

  • Laminate flooring

  • Humidify regulated 

  • Mostiture regulated

  • 24 Hour Aircon and Security

  • Soft lighting

  • Master Steinway Tuner (China)

  • Steinway Concert D 

  • Steinway Concert B 

  • Steinway goldleaf branding on both pianos. 

  • Portable recording ports

  • Safeguarding camera system. 

  • 2-6 capacity


Arts Consultancy: Past Project Steinway Suites