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Dressing Room and Green Room design


Dominus Arts Venue, KL, Malaysia

A bespoke unisex dressing room with an attached green room.  This is in concept and as of July 2020, not yet assigned to completion. 

The Intention was based on practical access for large ensemble youth and public productions with quick changes.

The specifications below are unique to the Venue. 

  • Curved Dressing stations with USB and mobile points

  • Panel seamless Mirrors 

  • Changing Cupiles 

  • Group changing spaces

  • AV speakers 

  • Stage monitor (TVs)

  • Lockers

  • Intercom and Tannoy 

  • Backstage Reception

  • Washrooms

  • Acoustics 

  • Green Screen Lounge  

Dressing Room: Projects
Dressing Room: Pro Gallery
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