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Private School, 4 Campuses, Malaysia

Concept designed through to construction, a series of bespoke classrooms and practice rooms per campus, in conjunction with a new specialism. 

Each space is bespoke for Kindergarden, Primary and Secondary students study in Concept Music and Orchestral Instrument learning for all. 

All campuses had the following specification.  There are 28 rooms in total, across 4 campuses in Malaysia

  • Learning classrooms of 40 capacity 

  • Mixed sized inter-classroom practice suites of 6-15 students

  • Acoustic walls

  • Carpet and latter laminate flooring

  • Projector, Apple TV and whiteboard fixed faculty. 

  • Foldable Flip chairs and youth stools

  • Designed Teacher wall Instrument racks  

  • 7000lum Room lights

  • Student lockers (instruments)

  • Piano (upright and digital) per space. 

Music Rooms with practice suites: Projects
Music Rooms with practice suites: Pro Gallery
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