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Dominus Arts Suites inside Dominus Arts Venue

Two white box open canvas spaces, that include a walk though gallery, and 6 Art and Music installation practice rooms. 

The concept and interior design is to allow a inclusive friendly space, whether Arts Education, Outreach NGO, Seniors workshops in the Arts.  Opening opportunities locally. 

Specifications below are bespoke to the white boxes 

  • White -non shadow Gloss 

  • Art Lines per wall. 

  • Acoustic Ceilings

  • Low level sockets (bench height)

  • Laminate Floor

  • Fixed Speakers

  • TV projectors per practice room. 

  • UV Cinema projection paint

  • No fixed furniture

  • 3 breakout practice spaces per white box

  • Portable recording stations. 

  • 7000 Lum lighting. 

White Box: Projects
Arts Consultancy: Past project White Box
White Box: Video Player
White Box: Pro Gallery
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