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Dominus Arts Venue. KL, Malaysia

A commercial public foyer with a post modern minimalist canvas.  A space flexible to cater for independent hire, a new exhibit area and access hub to the Dominus Arts Venue, the Community Arts Suites and the Conference Centre. 

The features below are bespoke to the space 

  • Bespoke Chandelier

  • LED Cove Lights 

  • Sandblasted Art Exhibit Walls

  • Art Lines

  • Stage Backdrop

  • Marble Floor 

  • Earing & Wheelchair Access

  • Minimalist Box Office​

  • Cinema Wall Projector

  • FOH Tannoy 

  • Digital Advertising Units

  • Sound Recording Lines

  • UV protected Glass

  • Disability Custom Seating

  • E-Coil & Audio Tannoy Faculty. 

  • Curved Staircase 

  • Custom Designed Furniture

Foyer: Projects
Arts Consultancy:  Past Project Foyer
Foyer: Video Player
Foyer: Pro Gallery
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