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Dominus Arts Venue. KL, Malaysia

A commercial and educational training faculty for Sound, Light and Film.  An inhouse specialist team, and industry standard products, to house 8 technicians per room. 

  • Oversized Control Rooms with built in fixed storage. ​

  • Custom designed height and Sightlines

  • Bespoke benches and raised steps

  • Breakers and Patch Bays

  • Behringer Recording Faculty

  • Multiple secure entrance and exits. 

  • Blackout colour scheme  

  • Logic & Pro-Tools Post Production Software

  • p3 LED Wall Rack 

  • Live and Editing Film Graphic Faculty 

  • Cat5 Fiber Optic Layout

  • Acoustic Control Rooms

  • 8 panel sliding Acoustic Window

  • DMX Connected Stage and FOH lighting. 

  • Inhouse Dynamic & Orchestral Condenser Microphones

  • Full sound recording hardware for film and studio recording. 

  • Fixed and portable FrogBoard with LED lights and Tripods 

  • Intercom and FOH Tannoy 

  • LED Autocue and Video Ports 

Control rooms: Projects
Control rooms: Pro Gallery
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