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Dominus Arts Venue. KL, Malaysia

A community access Dance Studio with a simple clean space, interiorly designed to allow a inclusive friendly environment, whether Arts Education, Outreach NGO, Seniors workshops in the dance and movement.   

Opening opportunities locally, positioned backstage to the Dominus Arts Venue Grand Hall.

Specifications below are bespoke to the Dance Studio 

  • White -non shadow Gloss 

  • Vvynal Floor on concrete

  • Double UV glass

  • Fixed Speakers

  • White board 

  • Viewing waiting area

  • Pull down projector

  • Fixed Ballet Bars to RAD examination Height

  • Fixed sound system

  • 7000 Lum lighting

  • Washrooms and Lift access

Dance Studio: Projects
Arts Consultancy: Past Project Dance Studio
Dance Studio: Video Player
Dance Studio: Pro Gallery
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