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'Youth Arts Exchanges' and Contest 'fly-ins'

I am sure you are reading this and thinking… maybe a little too early to think off a school exchange in orchestra’s, choirs, dance troupes, circus academies, and/or youth touring to contests, competitions, awards and festivals.

Time fly’s, and with the world starting to return and open up, to start to initiate enquiries is possible, and we are opening our books for dates in 2022 and beyond.

What’s our difference to a traditional tour booking agent?

Youth Arts Tours are bespoke, and we support directly the agents, managers, school & coach tour leads, contest and festival organisers through to the parents and chaperone guardians.

When an invite is for a child entertainers/performers from the age of 2-19 years, there are a depth of additional legal accountability and safeguarding expected, per country, per state.

Our team are ex-education tour designers and support school exchanges for youth national arts companies through to school ensembles & teams, awards, TV contests. We are exceptionally aware and know the pitfalls in child entertainment customs tax, working youth visa’s though to hotel, academic education learning ‘on tour’ and youth travel restrictions. Very happy to help..

School Exchanges

To have your school ensembles, groups and teams of the arts out on tour is an experience ever member involved remembers for life.

That behind the scenes planning, and documentation to convince your schools funding board, teaching and parent body can immense and daunting. We know you are educational and event’s organiser specialist, and you are conducting this on top of your ‘day to day’ job.

This is where we step in, and help to remove the barriers of customs acronyms, youth working hours / permits, and more. None of this is a concern or too large or a problem, and we listen exceptionally closely to ensure every member of the group, the product they are bringing, and where they go is both ‘child friendly’ ‘educational’ and ‘safe’. As they say, ‘if there is a will there is a way’..

A traditional school exchange usually involves learning outcomes that explore the country and state of visit, attendance to ‘like to like’ schools, and dual performance/rehearsals for the same art form and age group.

Our expertise, of over 20 years is in the following ensemble and soloists. We adore a challenge, in your country of selection and your exchange invitation.

  • Orchestra, concert band, rock-pop band, choir, soloist

  • Dance troupe, contest, gala, workshops, auditions

  • Circus and variety acts

  • Drama productions, musicals, sketch’s, youth comedy, Opera, Expressive and Creative mixed art works

  • Art form and creative arts groups/ soloists.

  • Other..

SEND and Inclusive Youth Artists

We work with you to ensure every member of the team is able to attend and have the same/equal experience on their tour as the whole group. We conduct additional cross checks, for inclusion for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities artists and their carers.

We do require from yourselves the classification and supporting documentation per child, accompanied with the student’s doctors and Education schools Senco assessment to be fit to travel.

Venues **

o Performance space

o Changing areas

o Rest areas

o School / Learning facilities


Travel arrangements **

o Passports & Working Permit/ Visa

o Buddies and trained SEND translators

o Van

o Plane

o Boat

· Food

Insurance (wheelchairs, canes, voice response technology…)

· Attractions of visit

o Entrance & exit

o Washroom and changing

o Insurance

o Learning resource materials.

Covid rules applies..

Traveling with students, and all accompanying adults, there are differing expectations in vaccines and swab testing, through to facemask wearing and social distances, per country. Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd and each sister company are 1st cohort covid champions, we provide you with regular stipulations and risk accompanying documentation in advance and during the tours.

Application of interest

Contact us, for a ‘free’ consultant and school exchange letter of interest’.

Application Company general enquiry form.

Company Enquiry Form_ 3 Companies Kirstin Oliver
Download PDF • 656KB

Everyone's A... E-brochure of School Arts Curriculum, Learning resources and Events

Everyone's A.. Brochure. Kirstin Olver Arts Consultancy Ltd_
Download PDF • 6.23MB


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