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A 'Builders' Welcome

We are proud of being different. We stand tall, (with our ‘hard hat and facemask at the ready!’) above the crowd, watching the audiences and artists’ faces 1st reactions of ‘wow’ to your new hall, theatre, music suites and/or dressing room. That is us, a proud feeling of a ‘job well done’.

Did you say construction?!

Yes, that is us. Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, has a department, dedicated to Arts Construction and Interior Design.

Kirstin Oliver, our founder, has had the buzz of construction for many years, and behind the scenes has transformed a variety of ‘wow’ spaces or ‘how on earth did you do that.. concepts’ into a working reality, around the world.

She is a ‘dab hand’ with a power tool, carpentry, electrical legends, sound/light production through to an ‘artistic eye’ on beautiful bespoke Interior design. This all started from volunteering work in restoration…. behind the scenes at leading Transport Museums around the UK, in preserving Buses, Steam Trains, Steam Rollers, Trams and Trolleybuses, from the age of 5!. All at the same time of entering the world of ‘arts’ in the performing arts sector in dance, music, production management, costume and technical skills on stages/fields/castles and more….

Kirstin feels very at home chatting about a particular period build, woodworm, washrooms, dance floors, foyer lighting, stage rigging, acoustics through to levels of rust, noise frequency and upholstery and stone cobbles. This passion has been elevated to her growing team.

We are sure, to other designers, opening a department that focuses upon the Artistic and Interior Design from an ‘Arts – Culture – Leisure and Education angle’ would be seen as utter madness, especially in a world pandemic. Not us!

Why we are referred to as ‘Human Engineers?’

We listen to your vision and combine the concept with local and national data feasibility to ‘piece the jigsaw together’. Therefore turning your words into a series of ‘room by room’ sketches, architectural plans, interior design mood-boards with full project management reports and safety considerations, every step of the build turned into a slick, elegant beauty, beyond your dreams.

The level of micro-detail we conduct is where the phrase, ‘human engineering’ has appeared, and while each past project has had a unique set of complexities in the design, this is a challenge we enjoy, and we work with you, to bespoke ‘practically’ and ‘to budget’ and ‘deliver in time’ your legacy.

The Educational and Artistic aspects are exceptionally unique, as both sectors require an extremely different and/or complex mixture of demands. To us, who are qualified in both professions, we have the experience from a ‘users’ angle as to what is the appropriate dance flooring for ‘kindergarden students, or theatre rake seating that is practical and perfect for ‘little fingers, teeth and gums’ through to circus rigging and LED displays for disabilities and secondary ‘dual’ access in an educational/public shared space.

What is an Artistic Consultant?

You may have heard of the term ‘Theatre Consultant’ or ‘Project Designer’ or ‘Interior Designer’, they all connect to the same bubble, a specialist who has an eye and expertise in artistic builds.

There is a future blog, on the history and background to a Artistic/Theatre Consultants coming soon.

It is a highly skilled consultancy role, and traditionally referenced to individuals who have qualified and working experience in the theatre, concert hall, stadium in addition to technical and mechanical construction and receiving venue (management) methodologies and practices.

A difference, between a theatre consultant and us, is the incorporation of education -outreach to commercial industries of suppliers and design, in partnership with/to arts spaces. We naturally address a wider feasibility, and bespoke specialist requirements for an Educational, Outreach user for a School Hall, Gallery, Cinema, Concert Hall, Foyer, Dressing rooms, alongside Commercial Public access in a Theatre, Community Hall and/or Stadium.

An artistic consultant looks ‘overall’, and works in conjunction with a client and each outsourced supplier/contractor as ‘1’

A Pick N Mix

Today’s artistic builds usually are a mixture of small renovations and/or design. Hence why we list the genres of spaces and in further blogs there is further clarification coming, depending upon the spaces and the types of interior design available.

Please see the e-brochure and the website for further news and contact us for a private consultation

E-Brochure: Please click to download or message direct for a copy:

Construction Services Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd_
Download PDF • 2.47MB

E-Brochure of the 3 Companies and 4 Departments

Kirstin Oliver 3 Businesses_
Download PDF • 1.45MB

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