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Arts Construction: Types of Builds

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Arts spaces, and Educational Spaces that are intending to have an arts dual revenue and/or commercial and/or public community use, use different names, but in today’s climate are expected to work ‘hand in hand’, and that is our speciality.

This is challenging, as globally a ‘hall’ verses ‘concert hall’, ‘auditorium’, ‘grand hall’ all state to an audience/client an exceptionally different notion of use. The Arts tradition of function, includes status and products of use/expectation. It is exceptionally difficult to ‘multifunction’ and be accurate in name of use, at the same time, be suitable for a visiting artist, backstage crew, and educational/outreach. This is our ‘strength’

We are exceptionally aware, and support you to select what will be viewed as a ‘common ground’ for your future artists, audience and your funders, that in years to come your completed space remains built to purpose.

An Artistic Consultant, or referred to as a theatre consultant, would traditionally concentrate upon the following spaces/builds. For us, this includes the external, and facility areas, on-top of each ‘performance or creative’ space requested.

We will, over future blogs, explain the function of that ‘named’ space, and the customs/traditions of expectation.

A named space:

  • Theatre

  • Concert Hall

  • Grand Hall

  • Cinema

  • School Hall / Auditorium/Lecture hall

  • Art Gallery

  • White &/or Black Box

  • Studio

  • Music Classrooms

  • Practice Suites/ Music small rooms

  • Amphitheatres (external)

  • Recording Suite/studio

  • Floating Stage

  • Glamp/Camp Stage

  • Stadium

  • Conference/ Exhibit

  • Arena

  • Art rooms & related spaces

Facilities inside & outside a Arts Space:

An arts consultant is accustomed to addressing the specialist interior and exterior areas of a working venue. We design and construct from a ‘user’s’ need, and what is both practical and cost effective, however to look at a past project, they are each exceptionally glamorous. Our project growth is a clients investment return of 30 years+, taking into consideration ‘wear and tear’, and other interior ‘add-on’s’ in cosmetic beauty.

  • Foyer

  • Lounge areas

  • Washrooms / Toilets

  • Dressing Room

  • Green Room

  • VIP Suite

  • Box office/ Cloakrooms

  • Lifts/Stairs

  • Carpark – Coach areas

  • Control rooms (Technical Areas)

  • Rooftops / Al-fresco spaces

We research and construct ‘mood-boards’ for the interior design of each space, and each are viewed as separate projects.

Electrical, Technical and specific Artistic Compliance

A venue space that is intending to have any form of performance and/or creative activities, has an ocean of additional compliances, bespoke to the space and the Art form intended use. These are un-avoidable and depending upon the level of future artists/ companies you wish to occupy the new space, are areas to take into high consideration in project building.

We at, Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy: Construction Services, can help, and being independent is able to recommend, design, monitor, and evaluate from your intended budget, key outstanding suppliers, the appropriate warranty and permit documentation on top of dual concept and cross sectional design under each artistic need.

Please be aware, if a unique request for Variety & Circus exhibit arts, each country and county has additional regulation clearances. There are differences between stage Light, Film/TV and Sound rigging, in weight/height/shadow and means of use.

Independent is the key, as we are able to ‘showcase’ a wider and cost effective cross section, tailored to your ask. The suppliers upon our database are each contacted equally, to submit a supporting proposal. There are some who offer a ‘consultancy’ support service, however this is usually to their specialism than traditionally overall.

  • Sightlines (chairs)

  • Stage light rigging

  • Theatre Rigging: Fly-ins, Tab bars..

  • Stage Floors: Rotational Stage, Orchestral Pits, Under floor Sound Electric’s

  • Sound Rigging

  • Film/TV rigging

  • Video/Cinema and LED Technology

  • Front of House (FOH) light, sound system and disability

  • Differing genres of dance floors

  • Acoustics rated rooms: walls/ceiling shells/chairs/floors

  • Stage/Film/TV Curtains

  • Control room studio equipment and rigging

  • Oversized products of note: Instruments, Set, props, Circus, Variety acts

  • Gallery fixed exhibit

  • Mirrors and other fixed artistic items.

Aircon, Fans, Humidity, heating monitoring this is part of standard building clearances, in the same as fire & safety building compliance.

Educational and Outreach build Specific Compliance.

If your intended future build is to provide a ‘day to day’ access for the Education and Outreach/ Disability communities, then there are new challenges ahead!. The asks in concept design and interior design becomes minute to ensure both practical, hard-wearing and safe meets glamour, beauty and eye-catching, whilst also useable. To us, challenge accepted!.

The following are particular areas within an artistic build, we work with you:

  • Fabric’s appropriate**

  • Floor / Wall Coatings

  • Electrical and mechanical appliances/ products ‘child proof’

  • Disability access requirements: Wheelchair, Braille, audio coil..

  • Cleaning/washboards products appropriate

  • Signage

Careful additional considerations include:

  • Sightlines (Children and Disabilities)

  • Light ‘front’ bars

  • Acoustic rated appropriate.

  • Dance floor (‘bounce/spring rates)

  • Sensitivity in light, sound for particular audiences

  • Height and weight of products

  • Labeling (sound, Light, video) Boards for Training purposes

  • Safeguarding provisions: Tags, camera’s,

  • Types of fixed products.

** Fabric’s and wall/floor covering include chairs, tables, acoustics and glass. There are bespoke materials on the supplier market that are suitable for the education-outreach and disability communities

More news coming soon…


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