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Venue's.. Have your 'space featured'

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

This is an opportunity to receiving and producing venues and spaces, from around the world, to have a unique marketing feature, in explaining the finer details of your build.

What does this mean?

If you are the artistic director/ venue manager/ venue owner, this is a ‘free’ opportunity for the venue you manage to be showcased through two departments under Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd.

  • Artistic Construction Services

  • Artistic Touring Services

For each of your facilities, we showcase the history, the artform of preference and these are gradually ‘featured’ upon our platforms, to new touring artists and construction audiences.

  • Facebook page and groups

  • Instagram posts & reels

  • Youtube

  • Twitter

  • E-Blasts/ Blogs

  • Google search (SEO)

Venue (Arts) Touring Database Application pdf
Download PDF • 391KB

What do you provide and/or acknowledge?

If you have full marketing/media information of your venue, including the history/construction details, wonderful please state in the form below. We will contact you to ask for permission to use your copyright material/ and send you in advance the text and social media tags of inclusion.

If there are no video/image catalogue, through would like new audiences and artistic touring clients to be aware of your venue, as a marketing ‘feature and scope’. Contact us for more information.

All sizes of venue..

We are accepting all sizes of venues and spaces, that focus their revenue to ‘arts and entertainment’.

  • Gallery

  • Black & White Box

  • Concert Hall

  • Pub & Bar (with live band/arts stage areas)

  • Theatre

  • Circus Venue (fixed and floating)

  • External Space (Park/garden/Band Stand/ Pier)

  • Cinema

  • Community Hall

  • Studio: Recital Hall, Recording Studio, Video/Film

  • Stadium

  • Historical & unusual space: (Underground venue)***

  • Other ***

If your space is not mentioned above, please contact us.

Geographic area’s

We concentrate upon the following 3 continent areas, in the Artistic ‘Touring Services’, and for phase 1, we wish for venue and spaces coming forward within the Country, City, Town, and Rural Location.

If you are an artistic director/venue manager for a space/venue in North-South America, and Mainland Europe, we will gather and acknowledge, however in this 1st stage we are concentrating in setting up the database/feature in:

  • UK

  • Southern Ireland

  • Asia

  • Oceania

Types of business.

We do not specify, and are very open to showcase companies of the following registration

  • NGO

  • Charity

  • Non-profit

  • Private venue owner/ Independent

  • Government/Council Venue

  • Commercial umbrella**

** venues which are a under a commercial umbrella, our services, maybe already covered therefore may not be appropriate, please a cross check 1st.

The standard information we will ask includes:

We will contact you in return, to arrange a virtual meeting about your venue, and whether your space is to be included feature for construction services and/or artistic service department.

Please be aware, we work with your marketing and press departments to ensure the most appropriate information is shared, under dual agreements in copyright. The information provided is to be accurate and appropriate for public share/use.

We avoid content, and marketing forwarded that states ‘what’s on’ and/or a request in venue ‘sponsorships’ of service and running costs. Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, is not a fundraising and historical arts culture organisation, and not financially supported by ministries, governments or charities in of tourism/culture.

Spaces of feature..

  • Foyer/ Box office

  • Backstage

  • Performance and creative spaces

  • Control rooms

  • Dressing room

  • Washroom facility

  • VIP/Green-room facilities

Background and ‘key venue’ news.

  • UK: See it safely member. **

  • UK: Good to Go Member. **

  • History of build

o Allowed released and public view blueprints/ Sketch’s

o Allowed public view images of a space / key contractor

o Link to associations

** Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd, Artistic Services are 1st cohort Covid members for both ‘See it Safely’ and ‘Good to Go’ as a producer, therefore we showcase fellow venues and spaces in the United Kingdom.

Announcement: ‘App’ coming soon.

Under the Artistic Services, we are constructing a ‘agent’s’ app, the details of the app is coming soon and please find an introduction letter below. Venues and spaces who wish to be in the pilot are to contact us for further information.

Form/ Contact details.

Please find attached a range of formats for yourself to complete. Our terms and conditions are provided, including our safe-guarding and Covid risk assessment documentation, if you require us to attend in person to record/image and interview.

Venue (Arts) Touring Database Application pdf
Download PDF • 391KB

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