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Artistic Tours: A 'brave new world'....

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We have had many a comment and gasp of bewilderment in opening 3 Arts businesses, with 4 differing departments, right in the middle of a world pandemic, especially as our focus is touring!!! across the UK, Asia and Oceania.

Why Oh why?!

We have never shy away from a challenge or what is seen as impossible. Covid and Brexit to us has been an opportunity to re-address from a professional and youth touring artist, agent, event’s organiser ‘angle’ what works and what could be ‘tweaked’ to be more accessible, as we all prepare to pack our suitcases again.

New lenses to the world..

We are unique, to represent professional, entertaining touring Individuals, and Artistic Companies, whether Adult, Child and Creature. To be a ‘lived in experience’, we provide you with that insiders knowledge on different lenses to each city, town and the rural landscape, safe, complication free and a meaningful experience.

Our concentration is within 3 exceptionally different continents: The United Kingdom (UK), Asia and Oceania. We have that experience, per country and city, on the differing ‘hot new places to perform in’. We smile and fully understand the additional constraints, apprehensions, and local legislative customs & cultural ‘chief’ traditions your tour may face, when stepping into the unknown.

Were we stand out.

In light of Covid, we venue and partnership event search differently, locating venues that could house a dual broadcasting and live attendance approach. We enjoy locating in Asia and Oceania the ‘un-touched’, and for Arts education and outreach therefore opening doors to genres and styles of arts traditionally not usually possible to the those local communities.

We access that ‘unknown’, and bring to you, outsourcing and contracting local ‘grown-crew’ workforce, of outstanding FOH(Front of House) and backstage Crew, Technician and Roadies, alongside embracing localised advances in technology.

Our expertise in Youth Tours and Professional Child Artists, gives you that security of safeguarding, including an on-going training provider throughout your tour.

In all, able to bring the world of Arts Entertainment and Culture through to Education and Inclusion ‘as a bridge’ closer together.

Where we smile with glee

Browse our e-brochure for a summary of our services. We are excited to introduce innovative apps, designed for you, the busy Agent, Event Organiser and Promoter, as they say, ‘watch this space’.

Guest ‘fly-ins’ we are able to support in progressive phases as each Ministry and Government announce boarder relaxations. Phase one, is for the UK and some country and state areas in Oceania.

If you are a professional ‘arts in resident’, event tours, and are investigating multiple cities and event communities between 7-90 days, the Artistic Service team are opening the ‘books’ to initial enquiries of dates starting 2022 for the UK. Asia enquiries are for 2023 start.

Youth ‘Fly-ins’ and Youth Artistic Tours

Please contact us for a virtual coffee meeting. There is an introductory blog, coming soon, and email for a E-brochure for further details.

Entertaining Creatures..

Your fluffy Artist entertainment stars are not excluded in touring with us. We follow all legal requirements, to that country when a touring ‘creature’ is required. Contact us for further information upon what is expected, and if your animal entertainers are confirmed ‘fly-ins’ for 2021-2022 contact us for audit checks in working permits, veterinary regulations, and resting verses quarantine testing and more..

Members of the same team

We are consistently in touch about cutting edge news within the sectors of performing and creative arts. This will grow, as the world starts to ‘re-open’

You will see for Covid, all the companies and departments of Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd are 1st cohort certificated ‘producer’ champion. If you see these icons appear next to the venue searches, hotels, travel suppliers, and other UK support act touring organisations we provided. Please be rest assured, each are safe, ‘all champion’s and are expected to work together in safeguarding for a sustainable audiences of the future, like ourselves.

E- Brochure

Click to download the E-brochure or email to receive a personal copy.

. Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltddf


Arts Consultancy Ltd: Letter.

Click to download the welcome letter of Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd for Artistic Services, it includes a mention of a ‘travel app’ coming soon…

A new Dawn. Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd
Download PDF • 1.84MB

Artistic Service: Enquiry form.

Contact us though the enquiry form, it has all the companies under our ‘artistic rainbow’, and we will arrange with you a virtual coffee chat to hear more of your next adventure

Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd. Artistic Services Enquiry Form
Download PDF • 656KB

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